Archived News

Archived News

GALA DAY Sunday 2nd August 2015

Thanks to good weather on the day, our GALA DAY 2015 was very well supported. More than 30 members and guests attended and almost 40 models could be admired both on the ground and in the air.

Brian Ball proved that he not only can built and fly model aircraft, but that he is also a master with the BBQ as he single-handedly satisfied all our culinary needs.

It feels good to be here and take part
Ladies are always most welcome
Steve Sharpe and his P51
Steve Sharpe and his P51


“whats that fying over there?”
flight line
flight line
it is a bit gusty


Brian and his Junior 60
Brian Conder and his Junior 60





CLUB NIGHT 3rd June 2015

Deterred by a weather forecast which, if true, would have prevented flying, not many members turned up to what was a rather enjoyable afternoon/evening’s flying even if it got a bit chilly and the winds picked up later on.

Star of the evening was new member Pete with his magnificent Sea Fury, which he flew expertly and realistically.

Pete's magnificent Sea Fury


CLUB NIGHT 8th April 2015

The afternoon sunshine promised good flying conditions for our first Club Evening at the field in 2015. But bang on time the winds changed, increased in strength and it became rather chilly. Despite these adverse conditions quite a few members faced the challenge of the wind coming over the hedge and enjoyed some decent flying. And those who preferred to stay on the ground, enjoyed the opportunity to exchange tips, opinions and the latest gossip. All in all a good start to this year’s flying.


A much admired “Space Walker”
John and his boys kept a very tidy pit
Our Secretary in full control
Our Secretary in full control


” OCTOBER FEST” Sunday 5th October 2014

A PERFECT CLUB DAY. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the winds were light, the sausages were sizzling and the planes were flying. Those members who turned up could enjoy a very pleasant day out.


Octoberfest 2014
Do you know what I know?
Merv and Jim treat their Ladies to a day out. Lots of Brownie point are coming their way
Brian’s new toy, a certain Miss Wind
Octoberfest 2014
Remember the good old days?





Despite heavy showers and very gusty winds in the morning, GALA Day went ahead on Sunday, 13th July with only minor delays. Bob Read’s gazebo served as a shelter from a very heavy rain shower, which swept over the field just before the BBQ was lit. Brollies were used to keep the planes dry. But once the skies cleared, sausages and burgers were sizzling away under Brian West’s expert hands and Alastair Hobbs was kept busy slicing and frying onions.

P1030250                                         P1030261


Once the stomachs were no longer empty, fuel tanks were also filled and quite a few members braved the gusty winds and got their models flying. Unfortunately the weather did not improve enough for our scheduled flying competitions to commence. But Peter Jennings’ work on these will not have been in vain as we intend to fly these competitions at a later date.

All in all a good, friendly and enjoyable day. And our members left smiling and, most importantly, all planes were stowed in one piece.



CLUB MEETING at the field 21.5.2014

Our rearranged Club Meeting at the Flying Field was, despite the discouraging weather forecast, well attended. We could enjoy a dry afternoon/early evening. Flying was challenging at times with a gusty wind blowing “over the hedge”. Fortunately all planes were stowed away intact after the flying.

Ken Mills had the “Flight of the Day”. He succeeded in keeping his “Playboy” for more than 40 minutes in the air.