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3rd April 2019 – BDAC airfield conditions:

Strip has been mown numerous times already in 2019, rolled yesterday and is fine condition.
The hedges were trimmed back recently and work is ongoing to maintain the strip in what we hope will be the best condition we can get it.

Club night tonight (3rd April) at the field for the hardy ones, and Marston Club from 7:30 afterwards.

Gala Day 2017

With the remnants of hurricane Gert threatening to impact on Gala day 2017, the sun shone on BDAC for this year. With a full car park (full to overflowing for a while) the day was a busy one both on the ground and in the air.

For most of the day the wind direction was very good and the field was in fantastic condition.

As usual a wide range of models from Turbines through to vintage and biplanes through to F3a models, autogyros, gliders, some very interesting models including an electric version of a Dornier 335-A and much more it made for a varied day.

The “new to us” and recently refurbished club BBQ was in full flow feeding the club members and their guests with delicious Burgers and Sausages and with drinks available it made for an excellent social get together.

More pictures to follow shortly.


BDAC -members are tough. Almost 30 members and guests came to enjoy the day despite a very stiff breeze blowing. It was a pleasure to sit in warm sunshine, amongst friends, having a chat, admiring the parked models and watch fellow members, flying their planes despite winds gusting in excess of 25 mhp.

Brian Ball cooked sausages and burgers to perfection, Pat Ball organised a well stocked raffle and our Chairman Bob Read was busy presenting B-certificates, trophies and even chased down blown-away raffle tickets.

Our best pilots could prove to the rest of us that where there is a will, there is a flight. And, most importantly, all this happened very safely and no plane suffered any damage. We even had a very accomplished assessment flight by new member Clive Metcalfe. WELL DONE all you pilots for making this day such a memorable one.

Winner of the George Fountain Trophy for the best model on display is Pete Canavan. His winning model is a Sebart Macchi MC72, powered by a Hacker size 50 motor, Overlander 80A speed controller and Turnigy Nano-Tech 6s 4500mah battery. Truly beautiful and timeless.

Big enough? Tom Cambridge's 1/3 scale Decaphlon
Big enough? Tom Cambridge’s 1/3 scale Decaphlon
Chairman Bob Read Present Pete Canavan with his B-Certificate
Chairman Bob Read presents Pete Canavan with his B-Certificate
... his beautiful Sebart Macchi MC72
Winner of the George Fountain Trophy, Pete’s magnificant Sebart Macchi MC72
Pat Ball is in charge of the raffle...
Pat Ball is in charge of the raffle…
.., whilst Jim Payne holds on to the Union Jack
… whilst Jim Payne holds on to the Union Jack
Have I got the winning raffle ticket
Who has got a winning raffle ticket?
members appreciating the skillsof our pilots
Members appreciating the flying skills of our brave pilots
Tim Jones
Tim Jones
Colin Brown
Colin Brown
Pete's flying is faultless
Peter Canavan
Brian West
Brian West
Clive Metcalfe on his assessment flight with Brian Ball
Clive Metcalfe on his successfull assessment flight with Brian Ball
 and Brian Ball himself flying a pigeon
…and Brian Ball himself flying a pigeon


Cold rain and strong winds could not dampen our spirits. Our members used every opportunity to have fun at our field as the following impressions show.

We enjoyed some rare sunshine….

We enjoy some rare sunshine


…… were flying at every occasion

Jim wondering where his glider went
Jim’s admiring his glider in full flight
New member Paul Thompson
New member Paul Buchanan shows us the magic of 3 axis stabilisation, whilst..
Jim's gone Riot
…….  Jim’s gone RIOT

….  we even had a fashion show featuring sun glasses!!!!

sun glass fashion show

….. and finally, something’s missing

What's missing


Smiles all round as BDAC-Secretary Rod Vass presents the BMFA A-Certificate to a proud and happy Peter Faulkner. Peter is an active member for many years and a very competent pilot, who just never got round to “going for the A-certificate” in the past. WELL DONE, Peter!